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We are flycreative, a video production company offering a bespoke service for a range of prestigious clients including Virgin, Currys PC World, Visit London, M&CSAATCHI, Harrods, Sothebys, Suzuki, ITV, Age UK and OK! to name but a few.

We are genuinely excited by video production and the pace of technology that enables us to continually seek ways to improve our overall offering. We pride ourselves on offering the best, be it a corporate video, promotional video, or training video we can make your business stand out from the crowd. We use the latest cinematic techniques and do not compromise on quality, so whether it be a charity video, a product animation, a viral video or a live-streaming event, you can be assured that the flycreative approach will improve the overall customer experience whilst meeting the budget.

Please get in touch and you will soon discover that when it comes to video production, the quality and range of product flycreative offers and the way we work with our clients across all platforms will create a lasting impact for your business.

Our video production services

Video Production

A professionally produced, cinema quality film about your business can increase sales, build brand awareness and even attract media attention.

There are many innovative ways that video production can market your business and we can help whichever way you decide to go.

Looking for a high-impact film to make the world take notice of your event? Or a product-launch video to build anticipation in potential customers? We take your message and turn it into a jaw-dropping videos to get your business the attention it deserves.

Motion Graphics

One of the best ways to make your film stand out is with custom designed animation or graphics. Polished, professional animation catches the attention of your audience, and shows that your company is creative and innovative.

Imagination is the only limit and when you work with flycreative and we share our design passion with you. We have plenty of experience to guide you with what works well, whether you need a few animated graphics within your film, or a fully animated project.

Training Videos

We can create effect training videos to cater to any video production budget. Our training videos are beautifully realised and will create a better understanding of your business for your employee’s.

Humans learn best by watching people do things and training videos are the logical conclusion of this. Through our Video Production experience, we are able to strike the balance create a training video that will not only fit with your brand ethos but also give greater insight into your business.

Promotional Videos

We pride ourselves on creating promotional videos that stand the test of time. We understand the value of creating an engaging promotional video that both you and your clients will be watching and sharing for years to come.

We imbue our promotional videos with a variety of elements:  customer testimonial, product shots, original animations and bite-size shareable statistics that will enable the promotional video to compete with everything else in the viral universe, this is why we relish the chance to create a promotional video for you that will stand out from the crowd.

Event Videos

The demands and creative challenges of event video and live-streamed productions are never the same, but it is that variety that inspires us to bring our utmost to your event.

We utilise our in house broadcast quality live-streaming equipment and are therefore better-placed than most companies to capture your event. By using our roaming camera crews and experienced producers we are able to craft a production that is exceptional.

We are the market leaders in this regard and our event videos truly reflect that.

Corporate Videos

Thanks to the explosion of Youtube and social media platforms, 85% of businesses now appreciate the power and necessity of using video to promote their business. The corporate video is now the best marketing tool a company can possess.

We have a great deal of experience with creating an insightful and engaging corporate video that can drive a huge volume of traffic to your site, coupled with this, we will ensure that your corporate video is also memorable and will guarantee business longevity.

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